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We use and recommend Panacur small animal oral suspension wormer. All our puppies will leave us de-wormed at 8 weeks old, we regularly worm your puppy at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks whilst in our care. Puppies 4 to 12 weeks of age should be wormed every two weeks. From age 12 weeks to 6 months puppies should be wormed monthly, and from 6 months onward dogs and puppies should be wormed every 3 months. As a responsible puppy/dog owner you must keep the worming treatment up to avoid mild cases of worms, you don’t have to keep up with Panacur your vet can advise which worming tablet/paste they recommend for your puppy.

Flea Treatment:

Flea Treatment is always given to your puppy at 8 weeks old, it’s important not to bath your puppy for at least 24 hours after collecting to avoid washing the treatment off. Stronghold spot on treats fleas, ear mite, the prevention of heart worm disease, ticks and biting lice etc, each treatment gives you approximately 2 months protection against fleas and up to a month’s protection against ticks. You can use it on pups from 8 weeks of age. Again, your vets can recommend the best product for your puppy/dog if you do not want to continue with Stronghold.

Vaccination History:

All our puppies will have had their first set of vaccinations at 6-7 weeks old, you can find your puppies vaccinations and dates administered on the Vets card that will be in your puppy pack that you receive on collection. It is extremely important for you as the new owner to keep up with your puppies vaccinations, your puppy will need their 10 weeks follow up vaccinations around 2 weeks after pick up date. We advise you to contact your local vets to arrange this at least a week before puppy is 10 weeks to ensure they have the same batch in stock, if they don’t have them in stock any vets can order the brand in within 48 hours. We only use Nobivac Lepto 2 & Nobivac DHPPI with our puppies, a lot of vets will try and push Lepto 4 onto you but please only continue to vaccinate your puppy with Lepto 2. We have read so many horrible stories and seen research about the Lepto 4 vaccination and we wouldn’t want you and your puppy to go through the heart break of a bad reaction that has sadly quite often caused puppies to pass away after receiving the vaccine. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch and we can advise and help you before you make your decision.

Please note that you should not allow your puppy outside or in public areas until they are fully covered by their second vaccinations. I know having a puppy is exciting and you want to take them on a walk and play in the garden etc but it’s not worth the risk. Parvo virus is the biggest problem in a puppy of this age amongst other viruses. Your puppy is due there second vaccination between 2-4 weeks after their 1st set of vaccinations were given, then it’s another week until they can adventure outside after the date of their 2nd vaccination. Until then you can carry your puppy around in your arms to help with socialization, experiencing and seeing new sights and people.

Once your puppy has had 1st and 2nd set of vaccinations, they will need yearly boosters to keep on top of their vaccination schedule.

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